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Published October 2018

Guest Blog: Sarah King, Founder of Yay Simply Discusses Her Experience Using YES

Sarah King, founder of Yay Simply, was inspired to create her care boxes whilst sat at home recovering after the birth of her daughter. Her and her partner were inundated with visitors bringing gifts, and on her website she explains that as lovely as this was, all she really wanted was ‘another pair of the standard issue NHS mesh knickers and some lactulose!’ After chatting to a friend, they agreed that ‘sometimes biscuits just won’t do’, and although they had both received some lovely care packages what they really wanted was something a little more useful. And so Yay Simply came to be!


“Yay Simply offer attractive gift boxes crammed with godsend essentials for times when you most need them. And which, frankly, hospitals rarely provide.

We have Maternity confinement, particularly C Section as well as boxes for similar vulval conditions covered.  And there will be more to come. Launching in the next couple of months is our “Thank You” boxes for doctors, nurses, midwives and carers which can be delivere

d directly to your chosen hospital.

All our boxes are a helpful mix of the practical and the pampering – let’s face it, at challenging times, we all need oodles of both. So treat someone you care about, and that could SIMPLY mean just you – YAY.” (Sarah King, Founder of Yay Simply) 


We were thrilled when Sarah contacted us explaining that she was a huge advocate of our products, which have helped her greatly with her Lichen Sclerosus, and would love to include them in her Yay Simply boxes! We really wanted to share her story and you can read all about her experience with LS and YES in her guest post below:



So my lack recent posts reflects what’s been going on with my Lichen Sclerosus (LS), I’ll be honest it’s not been great. A lot of fusing, a lot of discomfort not to mention the stress that comes with all that, plus the fact I have now had 5 postponement letters from the consultant. The irony is flare up’s are largely caused by stress, so I’m just in a stressy cycle filled with self-pity! BUT, that being said, September is vaginal cancer awareness month, something that is so important for us LS sufferers and therefore I want to talk about my most important item(s) that have helped me throughout my life, to stay sane and enjoy a ‘normal’ sex life.

I was first introduced to The YES YES Company by my mum when I was about 14. As a family we have always been very open about our bodies, emotions and relationships; perhaps after my diagnosis mum knew things wouldn’t be straightforward, so wanted to make sure I always had people to talk to. Despite this, I was still a tad embarrassed at her presenting me with The YES YES Company Water Based Lubricant, I can remember thinking ‘Yuck, SEX’! But at the time they didn’t do a Vaginal Moisturiser (like they do now) so this was perfect, and a god send as it made everything feel hydrated and less itchy. The bonus was that when the time came for me to think about things like lubricant I knew exactly what I should try first.

The YES YES Company have now introduced a Water Based Vaginal Moisturiser which I have to say is my daily saviour. I have tried SO many creams, Vagisil burns terribly, Canesten likewise, many are too sticky and just make me feel hot, but this can only be compared to a water gel and is incredibly soothing, even if you have an open wound. I love it so much I’ve included it in my Yay Simply Shhh Vulval Care Pack as for me it’s the ultimate must have, get some and store it in the fridge or cool room – amazingly soothing.

As well as the daily moisturiser The YES YES Company also do a few lubricants to make sex (especially if your a Lichens Sclerosis sufferer) much less painful and far more enjoyable. Read all about them on The YES YES Company Website I can highly recommend both the water and oil based lubricants, but my personal preference would always be the water based for its cooling properties, perhaps its partly my favourite after our long lasting relationship and that it was the first moisturiser that didn’t sting!

Included in both the Yay Simply Mama and Yay Simply Shh box over the next few months there will be some free samples of both lubricants. I’ve heard from my mummy friends that no matter what birth you had, sex after childbirth is initially, shall we say, uncomfortable. These little sachets are on hand for you to trial.


To find out more about Sarah’s experience, check out the blog page on her website and to discover the full range of Yay Simply boxes, follow this link. 


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