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Published October 2012

Mail on Sunday recommends Yes organic lubricants

Sarah Stacy’s regular Health Notes column discusses “Putting the love back into lovemaking” in the You Magazine (Mail on Sunday). It is a good article about the causes of Vaginal Atrophy (Atrophy is severe dryness) and how to manage it.  Vaginal atrophy is usually caused by declining estrogen levels during and after the menopause and results in the thinning and drying of the vaginal tissues and a resultant loss of vaginal elasticity.  This means that making love becomes painful and off putting. There are two main options for addressing Vaginal atrophy; either replace the lost Estrogen (HRT or topical estrogen) or use plenty of a natural (non chemcial) lubricant that matches typical vaginal pH and make love often. We recommend love making as this stimualtes blood flow to the vagina and this helps maintain vaginal tissue health and prevent or reverse loss of elasticity.  This is the “use it or lose it” principle.

Use a natural lubricant, like Yes water-based, as any chemicals present in synthetic lubricant, such as glycerine, are much more likely to irritate vaginal tissue if it is already compromised by vaginal atrophy.  As vaginal dryness starts to take hold the natural acidity of the vagina falls, this is not good for vaginal health.  Many women experience Thrush or other infections more frequently through and after the menopause as their protective vaginal flora changes with the decrease in their vaginal acidity. So please use a natural lubricant that is pH balanced to match typical vaginal acidity.  Yes water-based is the same pH as the vagina and therefore is perfect as it contains no harsh chemcials or skin irriants and is designed to match vaginal pH. Yes natural lubricants are also certified organic, this guarantees their purity and naturalness. They are safe to use daily as vaginal moisturisers as well as for making  love.

Sarah Stacy recommends the use of Yes lubricants in her article to combat vaginal atrophy.



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