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Published July 2018

Our Newest Addition to the YES Team – Gito the Orangutan!

We’re over the moon to announce that the YES team have collectively adopted Gito, our lovely little orangutan from Borneo! Gito’s touching story has been heard by people across the globe, whereby the International Animal Rescue team found him lying lifeless and looking “almost mummified”[1] in a soiled cardboard box at just 3 months old. His previous owner, who was unaware of what to do with such a sick baby orangutan, had abandoned Gito outdoors in the sun leaving him to die.

Gito’s Story

Gito was a victim of a highly contagious skin condition, sarcoptic mange, which left him with little to no hair, flaking grey skin and in excruciating pain. Throughout the first two months of his life, he had been fed solely condensed milk, a diet that had left him famished and dehydrated. However, upon arrival at the Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, in Ketapang, Borneo, Gito began treatment which, we’re delighted to say, has been successful!

Within a week, he was capable of drinking bottled milk without the aid of others. His carers have been massaging Coconut oil into Gito’s skin and the effect has “transformed him beyond recognition”[2], and he is starting to look like he will grow up to transition into a healthy, fully capable, wild adult orangutan!

The Sad Consequences of Unsustainable Palm Oil Deforestation

Gito’s story was extremely poignant for our team, and we’re behind him for every step of his recovery. In the YES office, we’re particularly concerned about the wellbeing of orangutans due to the continuous, thoughtless use of unsustainable palm oil in commerce.  Which is also why you won’t find any palm oil in YES products! Over 50,000 orangutans on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra alone have died as a consequence of palm oil deforestation; in 2016 it was reported that just 45,000 remained in Borneo, according to Orangutan Trekking Tours[3], at this rate they will be extinct in the wild in just 25 years. We therefore urge all of our customers to check the label before adding to the cart, and collectively, let’s stop the use of unsustainable palm oil!

We would like to send a huge amount of love to the International Animal Rescue team, who are doing such an incredible job reforming the lives of not only orangutans, but a number of species that are suffering globally – keep up the inspiring work! Gito now takes pride of place on our office wall and we look forward to receiving updates on his story. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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