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Published April 2016

Powerful new Yestimonial from a male customer

yestimonial-customer-review“This stuff is amazing. My girlfriend has all sorts of chemical sensitivities and simply cannot come into contact with most chemical substances, which greatly reduces the fun in our sex life. Nothing like trying to use a lubricant and her breaking out into hives and going into anaphylactic shock. I only wish I were exaggerating. So I poked around online looking for organic lubricants and found this product and decided to give it a try. WOW was it worth it. Not only has she had zero reaction or issue with it (and again, I cannot stress enough that this is a person that reacts badly to pretty much everything), but it lasts incredibly. We tend to like rather long sessions, and needing to periodically stop every few minutes to re-lube just isn’t any fun. We had luck with some silicone based lubes lasting a little longer, but again, would cause irritation. This stuff? Amazing. Lube up at the start and we’re good for the entire session, easily lasting up to an hour. And I’m not saying that the lube wouldn’t necessarily last beyond that, just that I didn’t. I just ordered another 3 bottles of the stuff, because it’s simply beyond compare. Highly highly highly recommended, both as the single best lube I’ve ever used and as the only thing I’ve found that’s completely non-reactive to someone with a huge amount of sensitivities.” Jim T

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