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Published July 2014

Save Bali from Plastic Bags

Bali-bagsThe image and text are taken from AVAAZ.org website, follow this link to see the original article.

The pictures are shocking: Bali’s most iconic beaches are littered in heaps of plastic rubbish. It’s hard to imagine tourists sunbathing and surfers catching waves amidst the debris, but the monsoon has brought a tidal wave of trash to the island’s shores — and this year, it’s worse than ever. But there’s a ray of hope: Activists on the ground say they have wangled a promise from Bali’s governor I Made Mangku Pastika — if they get 1 million signatures, a law banning plastic bags will be introduced. Now it’s up to our community to make it happen! Plastic bag bans work. Several countries already ban or restrict them, including Bangladesh and China, where use fell dramatically. Getting Bali to say bye-bye to the pollution could be the first step in making Indonesia plastic bag free.

Sign now and share widely — when we reach 1 million, Avaaz will deliver the petition on the steps of the governor’s office.

This petition was started by Melati and Isabel on Avaaz’s Community Petitions Site. Photo by Jason Childs.http://www.avaaz.org/en/bye_bye_plastic_bags_on_bali/?cyZZgbb Please follow the link and sign the petition.

Bali was the place where Susi and I decided to work together to create the Yes range. Bali holds an extra special place in our hearts.


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