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Published August 2014

Top Three Fertility Lubricants Reviewed

Yes Baby - fertility friendly lubricant

About.com’s article by Rachel Gurevich on Sperm Friendly lubricants can be found here

Rachel discusses the TOP THREE Sperm friendly lubricants, Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus and Yes Baby. Yes Baby is the only product that offers a solution for Vaginal health in addition to Sperm friendliness. Sperm friendly lubricants are designed to match Semen/Sperm pH (pH7-8 slightly alkaline) as sperm stop swimming when the pH becomes more acidic at pH6.

Vaginal lubricants should have an acidic pH (around pH4.5) to match typical healthy vaginal pH. The low/acidic pH of the Vagina is maintained by Lactobacillus bacteria and it is this acidic environment that ensures a healthy Vagina as it is hostile to most micro-organisms.  When vaginal pH rises above pH5, obviously this can be caused by the use of sperm friendly lubricants, then this natural protection from infection is compromised and Candida albicans (Thrush) or Bacterial vaginosis (a bacterial overgrowth) can occur.

This is not the best environment for a embryo to develop. And this is why we created Yes Baby, the only Two pack Sperm AND Vagina friendly lubricant system. it is certified organic so we can prove to our customers that it is as pure and natural as possible.


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