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Published July 2018

Vote YES For Janey Loves Platinium Awards 2018

Get the YES message heard!

The YES message needs to be spread further and wider than ever – we feel that and more people need to experience the benefits of organic intimacy products.

Here’s how you can help us to revolutionise even more lives

Please vote for YES in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2018

We have entered:

  • YES VM vaginal moisturiser into the ‘Health & Well-being’ category.
  • YES CLEANSE intimate wash into the ‘Skincare & Beauty’ category.
  • YES BABY CONCEPTION-FRIENDLY LUBRICANT SYSTEM, (our two-step solution for women trying to conceive) into the ‘Mother & Baby’ category.

If you aren’t already convinced, here’s why we think you should vote for YES!

“Excellent alternative to over the counter products, as well as some prescription ointments. Provided immediate relief after only one use. Thrilled to have found YES VM.” – YES Customer November 2017

VOTE FOR YES VM HERE http://janeyleegrace.com/readers-votes/

“The Yes Cleanse is a great product. I have a terrible reaction if I use anything that is perfumed, I can’t even have a bubble bath so to find this product felt like a godsend.” – YES Customer March 2018

VOTE FOR YES CLEANSE HERE http://janeyleegrace.com/readers-votes/

“Yes Baby helped me conceive the first time. I’m back for more to have baby 2!” – YES Customer January 2017

VOTE FOR YES BABY HERE http://janeyleegrace.com/readers-votes/

Remember! To vote for YES, simply follow the link below and enter the product name and category!


More about the awards…

Most will know Janey Lee Grace as an iconic influencer in the developing world of Natural Health and Wellbeing, and most notably for her hugely successful publication, ‘Imperfectly Natural Women’. Having founded imperfectlynatural.com, which features her recommendations for the best natural products on the market, Janey received over 400,000 online hits in the first month – an impressive feat. Janey also co-hosts BBC Radio 2’s most listened show, ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’, and is well-known to a staggering 8,000,000 listeners, deeming her a household name across the UK.


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