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Published April 2013

Yes at Mind Body Spirit Festival in May

Dr Vena Ramphal, with the inspiring title of “Passion Coach” is a philosopher of love, romance and erotic pleasure. She teaches people how to create love lives that are fulfilling, authentic and pleasure-filled. As a recognised authority on intimacy, Vena will be delivering a workshop is called ‘The Art of Conscious Romance’ at the Mind Body Spirit festival, on Sunday 26th May at Earl’s Court,


and in the course of coaching participants on ways of keeping sensual love perennial, will be distributing Yes intimate lubricants., of which Vena is a powerful advocate.

Vena’s credentials are impressive. In 2011 she was featured as an expert on the UK’s first televised version of the world renowned “Lovers’ Guide” on Body In Balance TV – a channel dedicated to health and well-being. She contributed to the book ‘Good Sex: A Couple’s Guide’ published in the UK, Jan 2012. She has coached, mentored and taught workshops since 2008.

We were delighted to make Vena’s acquaintance at the recent Eroticon event, and were struck by her natural grace, eloquence and elegance. As an officionado of Twitter, who likes to muse about love on twitter @VenaRamphal, she delivered a fine workshop on the many tools and techniques that can make tweets compelling.

She invited us to  identify the vocabulary that best communicated the core identity of our brand. My purely personal list, rapidly composed, was: liberating, intimate, delectable, profound, arouse, authentic, pure, intensity, enlightening, lyrical, communion, melting, rapturous, release . . .

I am sure that Vena’s workshop will be a highlight of the Mind Body Spirit experience.





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