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FAQs – Can AH! YES products be used on sensitive skin?

All AH! YES products are certified organic, which is the guarantee to our customer of product purity: assuring you there is nothing unknown, hidden or damaging present in our organic products. To find out more, read our ingredients policy www.ahyes.org/faqs/ingredients.htm.

In summary, AH! YES products are not made with petrochemicals, parabens, known skin irritants, grapefruit seed extract, glycerine, hormones, silicone or propylene glycol. For example, our AH! YES WB water-based lubricant contains five plant extracts, all used in food, and food-grade preservatives. Three of the extracts have healing pedigrees of over 4000 years. As a result we believe that our products are the safest on the market anywhere, ideal for use on sensitive skin.

The preservatives we use in AH! YES WB and AH! YES VM are approved by the FDA and UK/EU bodies for food and cosmetic applications, as well as by our organic certifier The Soil Association. The preservatives are used as sparingly as possible, in the lowest concentrations to be effective. To date we have found no naturally occurring approved preservative that works safely and effectively – so we chose the best available alternative solution, phenoxyethanol.


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