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FAQs – Is it safe to use AH! YES whilst pregnant?

We believe that when you are pregnant, you are especially careful about your diet and the products you use, as you want your bodily environment to be as welcoming and kind as possible to your growing baby.

During the hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy, it is common for a woman to experience vaginal dryness, and to need a lubricant. If vaginal dryness is experienced as a result of hormone changes due to pregnancy – common in the 2nd trimester – then AH! YES WB water-based lubricant and AH! YES VM vaginal moisturizer are the ideal products to manage dryness. AH YES WB can assist with intercourse while AH! YES VM is designed to alleviate dryness on a daily basis for comfort.

AH! YES products are superior in this respect to all other lubricants as they are not made with glycerin, sugars, petrochemicals, parabens, grapefruit seed extract or skin irritants. As they are certified organic by the Soil Association, all our ingredients are guaranteed to be as pure as possible and contain no GM materials either.


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