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FAQs – Vaginismus

FAQs – Vaginismus

Treatment for Vaginismus seeks to identify the underlying emotional causes whilst also addressing the condition’s physical discomfort. In independent case studies, AH! YES has proven to be successful in remedying the physical difficulties associated with Vaginismus.

Treatment of the physical symptoms of Vaginismus relies on you becoming more accustomed to intimate touching, and eventually, penetration. Healthcare professionals will either recommend that you begin using vaginal dilators or if you are not comfortable with this, that you take the time to gently relax and explore yourself. Whichever of these methods proves to be the best for you, it is advisable that you choose an intimate lubricant to aid you in achieving penetration. However, many products on the market are unsuitable for such a delicate condition, due to their lubricating properties and their ingredients.

AH! YES should be the natural choice for women who experience Vaginismus. AH! YES lubricants are guaranteed pure through their organic certification and contain no potentially harmful chemical ingredients. Their unique plant-based formulations protect and lubricate intimate tissues during intercourse, and unlike synthetic, glycerine-based products, will not leave a sticky residue behind after use. AH! YES products are safe for use with vaginal dilators.

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