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FAQs – Are there preservatives in AH! YES products?

FAQs – Are there preservatives in AH! YES products?

AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant does not contain preservatives. It does contain Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and extends the shelf life.

AH! YES WB water-based lubricant and AH! YES VM vaginal moisturizer contain the preservative Phenoxyethanol.

We have to buy synthetically produced preservatives as we don’t use animal body parts and we cannot find commercially available plant-extracted sources. The preservatives we use are approved by the FDA and UK/EU bodies for food and/or cosmetic applications, as well as by our Organic certifier The Soil Association.

We are often asked why we use preservatives in our natural products, when we have striven to make our products as natural as possible. Unfortunately preservatives of some kind will always be needed in water-based products. Water is the basis of all life, and that includes bacteria, fungi and molds. Products without preservatives will have a very short shelf life, even if refrigerated (think of milk or orange juice). Products that are not properly preserved, even if made in a very clean environment, will become a health risk when exposed to the microbes present in life. So we preserve our products to give them shelf life and to ensure they are hygienic – to protect you. And as registered Medical Devices our products also have to meet strict preservation standards.

To find out more about our quest to find an effective, natural preservative follow the link to our ingredients policy page www.ahyes.org/faqs/ingredients/. It says:

Preservation and product cleanliness are critical. We tested all commercially available natural and “natural” preservation systems and found that none were secure, reliable and safe enough to meet our criteria.  For instance Grapefruit seed extract is a known eye irritant at low concentrations. We finally chose a combination of natural and synthetic preservatives for AH! YES WB to deliver the performance required.

All AH! YES products are certified organic by the Soil Association in the UK, this supports our ingredients policy, in that we can only use certain approved (gentle) preservatives (e.g. no parabens).

AH! YES products are the only range of certified organic lubricants available – anywhere. This makes AH! YES the purest and the most natural range of personal lubricants and vaginal moisturizers. One of the great things about AH! YES is that performance is NOT sacrificed in the pursuit of purity – check out our Testimonials at www.ahyes.org/why-ahyes/customer-expert-testimonials/

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