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FAQs – Where can I apply AH! YES?

The versatile AH! YES range includes products that are ideal for lovemaking, play, body glide, and massage and suitable for vaginal, anal and oral use.

AH! YES WB water-based and AH! YES OB plant-oil based intimate lubricants can be applied to the penis and the vaginal area, to enhance pleasure and assist penetration.

Remember – it is important to lubricate the vulva as well as the vagina.

To maximize comfort and reduce friction, please apply generously.

AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant has the added advantage of being a luxurious massage oil, and can be applied for all-over body glide, as well as for intimate massage.

AH! YES WB and AH! YES OB can be safely applied to other parts of the body, during play or massage, as they nurture the skin, leaving it sleek and soft with no unpleasant residue or stickiness.

AH! YES WB and AH! YES OB are safe if swallowed, as they are made from pure food-quality ingredients, making them suitable for oral use.

AH! YES VM vaginal moisturizer is designed for vaginal use to address dryness, and it is also suitable as a lubricant.

The AH! YES products in tubes are for finger application, while the pre-filled applicators enable a deeper delivery without the product coming into direct contact with the hands.


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