Why choose AH! YES®?


Why choose AH! YES for Intimacy Products?

Revolutionary intimacy products

Susi and Sarah, the founders of AH! YES set out to create pioneering intimacy products that would outperform all others in the category. After three years of painstaking research and development, they succeeded in creating premium personal lubricants which:

  • Give outstanding performance without compromising the purity of ingredients
  • Have an original formulation made from natural, plant-based ingredients, unlike many other silicone or glycerine-based lubricants
  • Provide superior moisture retention
  • Actively nourish and are bio-adhesive to mucous membranes (the inner skin environment)
  • Have a rich, silky consistency that feels heavenly on the skin
  • Perfectly mimic your own body’s natural lubrication to enhance your pleasure
  • Are formulated with organic, cosmetic and food quality plant-derived ingredients with no known irritants, health issues or concerns
  • Contain an ingredient, flax, that has been used as a healing and nourishing skin food for 6,000 years
  • Ease the anxiety about exposure to synthetic ingredients while offering superior performance
  • Are discreetly and elegantly packaged in a stylish tube with a hygienic valve closure


Brand YES® KY Jelly Durex Play Sylk Astroglide Boots Jelly Replens Ingredient concern*
Paraben(s) See GSE Oestrogen mimics, found in breast tumours - avoid if Breast cancer recovery / not wanting HRT / any hormone related concern.
Glycerine Mucosal irritant (dehydrates & irritates mucosa above 20%), at < 5% is Candida nutrient, so may trigger Thrush outbreaks & leaves sticky residue
Glycols Cell wall disrupter, called penetration enhancer as pulls other chemicals thru skin into blood stream.
Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) No proven preservative efficacy: banned in Switzerland in Personal Care products, FDA research shows preservative efficacy due only to these adulterants: Methylparaben, Triclosan and Benzethonium chloride
Mineral oil Called liquid paraffin, petroleum by-product & thought to suffocate skin by coating it.
Certified Organic Some companies label products 'organic' if it only contains 1% organic ingredients regardless of other concerning ingredients. The Soil Association certification guarantees purity and quality of ingredients and ensures strict manufacturing standards.

* Product ingredients taken from Company Websites, FDA 510(k) Summaries & Drugstore.com in June 2022


Many women with sensitive skin may experience adverse reactions to the ingredients in glycerine/glycol based lubricants, but can use all YES products with confidence due to their guaranteed pure, natural and gentle ingredients.  


"Mucous membranes are the moist layer of semi-permeable tissue lining the mouth, nose, eyes, vagina and anus. Because they do not have the protective layer found on the surface of the outer skin, mucous membranes can be damaged, irritated and penetrated by synthetic chemicals much more easily. Rectal and vaginal absorption is, generally speaking, many times greater than oral absorption."

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