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Signs of Spring – the New Lambaaaghini!

Here at YES, some of the team have interesting ‘other lives’ and Sally, our ‘Treasure Measurer’, spends many hours delivering lambs in March and April both in Hampshire and on Exmoor. The lambs are born outside but then both the lamb and ewe are moved into the barn to make sure that there are no health issues and the ewe allows the lamb to suckle. If Sally carries the lambs in her arms the ewe doesn’t look up and follow because she can’t understand where her offspring has gone. Sally used her imagination to convert an old pushchair, and this is how she transports the lamb to the barn. Now the ewe follows happily with her eyes fixed on her precious little bundle of joy.

We thought you might enjoy this video of the latest in lamb transport!

YES played a starring role recently in an interview with Samantha Evans from Sex Toy company Jo Divine on West London’s dynamic Radio Gorgeous. Presenter Josephine Pembroke discussed sex after childbirth, cancer and menopause with ex Nurse Samantha. They also talked about which lubes are the best and how to use sex toys. Be prepared for a brilliant frank discussion. Great radio!

Interview with VoiceFM

Xan Phillips of VoiceFM interviews Sarah Brooks on The Business Show, she discusses how the Yes Yes Company started, Yes values, ethics, products, and all things Lubricating.

Yes refreshes in 2016

Susi and Sarah talk about why they created YES, discussing their values and ethics

Are preservatives in lubricants harmful?

Sarah Brooks is the formulation chemist, Co-CEO and Head of Tricksy Things at the Yes Yes Company. In this short film she talks about why preservatives are used in lubricants and if they are harmful.

Before choosing IVF is there anything else I can do?

Susi Lennox is the Alchymical Director and Co-CEO at the Yes Yes Company. In this film Susi talks about YES Baby that has been designed to create the optimum environment for sperm survival.

Are there any natural alternatives to KY-Jelly?

Sarah discusses the natural alternatives to KY Jelly and other synthetic chemical lubricants. This is for you if you want to find natural, pure and gentle lubricants that are free from glycerine and parabens.

I am on HRT, can I use personal lubricants too?

Lavinia Winch is the Medical Liaison at the Yes Yes Company. In this film Lavinia discusses HRT and using personal lubricants.

For couples who are try to conceive, why is lubricant pH so important?

Sarah talks about the acidity of lubricants and how this affects the sperm motility and the importance of using a sperm friendly lubricant that matches semen pH.

How do I check if I am allergic to an intimate lubricant?

Susi talks about how to do a skin patch test to check if you are wondering if you might be allergic  or sensitive to the ingredients used a personal lubricant.

How do YES lubricants compare to conventional products?

Susi talks about YES lubricants and how they compare to the conventional, synthetic chemical, lubricants historically used for making love.

What are the ingredients of YES oil based lubricant?

Sarah talks through the ingredients in YES oil based natural lubricant.

What are the ingredients of YES water based natural lubricant?

Sarah discusses the ingredients in YES water based certified organic personal lubricant.

I am using a vaginal oestrogen can I use a personal lubricant too?

Lavinia discusses whether when using a vaginal estrogen, if a personal lubricant can be used too?

What is the difference between a personal lubricant and a vaginal moisturiser?

In this film Susi explains what personal lubricants and vaginal moisturisers do and the difference between them.

What are the uses of  personal lubricants?

Susi talks about about the uses of personal lubricants

What is the difference between our oil based and water based lubricants?

Sarah talks about the two lubricants that we make at YES, how they work individually and how they can work together.

Why are all YES products certified organic?

Sarah shares the Yes Yes Company’s values and decisions behind the choice to have all YES intimacy products certified organic by the Soil Association. This is your proof that our products are not only pure and natural but also are as kind to our planet and our bodies as is possible.

Why choose YES products over others?

Susi answers the question “why choose YES lubricants and vaginal moisturisers?”

Why is pH important in a lubricant?

Sarah discusses why lubricant pH matters when choosing a lubricant and what to look for on the packaging to make sure you find the right product.

Vena Ramphal, sex and relationship expert, explains the importance of organic lubricants.

An affirming review of YES from Vena Ramphal, the romance and sex expert, explaining the importance of using organic lubricants. She says “Whatever your age and whether you’ve had lots of experience or if it’s your first time, using a good lubricant is a great way to enhance your experience”.

Vena Ramphal is a romance and sex expert, and relationship mentor to the stars. She is known in the media for making conversations about sex comfortable, uplifting and intelligent. Her expertise is in the Indian pleasure traditions of the Kama Sutra and classical Indian dance. As a dancer she has performed for royalty, prime ministers and celebrities. She brings this magic to her work as a relationship mentor, teaching people how to bring beauty and elegance to all aspects of their love lives.Her mantra is, ‘Cultivate beauty. Truth will follow.’ Find out more about Vena on her website www.venaramphal.com

Modesty Ablaze, celebrated erotic writer, describes what makes YES her favourite lubricants.

Modesty Ablaze says YES to natural lubricants.

Janey Lee Grace, the well-loved authority on natural health, sings the praises of YES products.

Janey Lee Grace. The highly regarded Natural Health expert, Janey Lee Grace, talks appreciatively about YES Products.

Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

Women4real.com. YES proudly sponsored this enlightening film “Painful Sex vs. ‘Normal’ Sex: The Differences Explained With Food”, created by women4real.com which imaginatively illustrates a widely experienced, but little discussed, issue.

YES named as Ethical Small Business Award winners, 2009

YES Natural Lubricants were named as the Ethical Small Business Award winners.


August 2011

james-joyceSusi Lennox reads from Molly Bloom’s soliloquy at the end of James Joyce’s Ulysses – the inspiration
for YES

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