All AH!YES® lubricants are plant-based, certified organic, and designed to be side effect free. Whether you’re experiencing dryness, irritation, or just want to enjoy the luxurious feeling of AH!YES® products, discover our range of lubricants below.

Application type

- Choose between a tubes which dispense the amount you want, and apply by hand. Or an applicator which applies up to 5ml internally.

- AH!YES WB is available in a tube or a vaginal applicator for internal use, and AH!YES OB is available in a tube.


- If you intend to use condoms with lube, you need to avoid oil-based products and should look at AH!YES WB. 

- You can use either AH!YES OB or AH!YES WB for compatibility with silicone toys.

- For water-play, oil-based is great for maximum slip! AH!YES OB is your best choice.