20 Years, 113 Countries, 2 Brands, 1 Mission: the story of AH!YES®

20 Years, 113 Countries, 2 Brands, 1 Mission: the story of AH!YES®

August 2023 marks 20 years since Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks launched The YES YES Company LTD from a small warehouse in the English countryside. It soon become clear that the need for pure and natural, organic intimate health products was global. So along came AH! YES® - the American sister company of YES®, providing the USA market with FDA cleared, organic intimacy products. (We were unable to Trademark YES® in the USA, so our products are called AH! YES® over here.) 

AH! YES® and YES® have achieved global recognition, with products being sold in more than 100 countries. The brands have become a dominant force in the women's health market, accumulating numerous awards along the way. As a trusted name in organic health and wellbeing, AH! YES® specializes in providing products that care for intimate health while enhancing pleasure, all without compromising the health and well-being of people or planet. 

Our products:  

Boasting a range of 13 organic intimacy products, all manufactured to the highest standards, AH! YES® caters to a range of intimate health needs. Our certified organic Personal Lubricants are crafted for women seeking enhanced pleasure and relief from discomfort, irritation, pain, or dryness. Embraced as a go-to solution for women experiencing vaginal dryness, especially due to hormonal imbalances, or medical conditions, our Vaginal Moisturizers provide much-needed relief. 

AH! YES® CLEANSE is our range of feminine washes, providing a pure and effective alternative to popular products containing pH-disrupting ingredients. The trust we've earned extends across health care professionals, including gynecologists, sex therapists, oncologists, and menopause experts. Continuously evolving, our products are tailored to better support women facing intimate health challenges such as vaginal dryness, pain, and irritation. 

Empowering all women with knowledge to make informed decisions about their intimate health is at the heart of our brand heritage and future goals. We take pride in upholding our vision and values, ensuring that AH! YES® remains synonymous with excellence in intimate health and well-being. 

Our vision:

our vision is to change the world from the inside by creating pure, natural and certified organic products designed to respect intimate pH without side effects or the use of harsh chemicals.  

Our values:  

  • Customers. Our customers are at the center or what we do. We nurture our customers and aim to make a positive difference in their lives by listening to their experiences and adapting our services and even products to cater for their needs. We have a team of highly trained staff, dedicated to offering sensible, empathetic and caring help and support to each and every person who contacts us.  
  • Clarity.  Information is power and we want to make sure that our customers have that power. The power to choose what they put in and on their bodies, safe in the knowledge they know exactly what that involves. All AH! YES® products are certified organic, and we use plant-based ingredients wherever possible. We do not use any GMO ingredients and look for Fair Trade sourcing alternatives to reinforce local investment and sustainability in the plants we love. 
  • Conscience. Everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to being an ethical business. We use our forum to share our ethical beliefs and do our best to live them in every way possible. Sustainability is one of our core values. In all aspects of our operations, we Reduce - Reuse – Recycle. This is true of our packaging as well as well as our office waste. 

Read more about our values here 

Our customers:  

Countless reviews and testimonials bear witness to the profound impact AH! YES® has on the lives of our customers. From heartwarming stories to remarkable transformations, the voices of those most affected by our products are vividly captured across hundreds of testimonials, emails and messages. Keep reading to find out what customers really think about AH! YES®.  

“In a word? Amazed. I thought NOTHING was going to help my "problem" and I was doomed to pain while making love to my husband. A painful thought! But AH! YES actually worked. Now I just need to relax and get over that tension I always got knowing I was in for some suffering. Never had the heart to tell the poor guy because he would have felt terrible. I also found myself avoiding making love to him on occasion, which hurt me deeply. I didn't want to avoid it - I love the man with all my heart, but I didn't want to hurt, either. So thank you, AH! YES for renewing my love life.” 

“This is THE Moisturizer! I used Replens before without success. I am 75 years old. AH! YES is so much better. No pain anymore, no bleeding, just perfect. Can only recommend it! Thank you for developing this product.” Angelika 

AH! YES WB is the best - helping during menopause without impeding into intimacy! Results are amazing sex in addition to the daily feeling of overall comfort and reduction in dryness! 

A note from Susi Lennox, co-founder of The YES YES Company LTD:  

"Birthdays call for celebration, and often reflection and reminiscence too, and ours is no exception.  

‘The person who sets out on the journey is not the person who arrives’ says the inestimable David Whyte, and Sarah and I can attest to that. As individuals we have evolved, and the business has grown, in unpredictable and transformative ways.  

From two creative women, with aspirations and innovative concepts, to our now magnificent and burgeoning number of gifted and dedicated team members, The YES YES Company LTD has gone from strength to strength.  
While from our first formulation experiments lined up in wineglasses on kitchen windowsills, to major production runs at several Laboratories, our trajectory has been true, and our vision realised.  

As planetary citizens, we all aim to contribute to the greater benefit of Earth and her peoples. In this spirit, my co-founder Sarah and I set out to ‘Change the World from the Inside’, and our customers confirm that achievement. They inspire tears, they inspire wonder, they inspire gratitude.  Our bold ambition, through the efforts of our entire team, is being realised.   

Is the future bright?  YES! 

Are we expanding in territories and product ranges?  YES! 

Do we continue to add to the sum total of happiness on the planet?  YES, YES, YES!”