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Benefits of using lube to improve sexual pleasure

Benefits of using lube to improve sexual pleasure

Lube really can transform your sex life! Whether you use lubricants during masturbation, foreplay or intercourse, they provide a heightened sense of arousal and an increased amount of pleasure.

But that’s not all. Many couples find that lube makes sexual experiences far more fun, especially if they’re experimenting with longer sessions and trying new things. And it’s not just for the older women – younger women, and men, are reaping the many benefits that come with lube too!

But what are the benefits of using lube to improve sexual pleasure?

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Benefits of using lube

Lube can be used by anyone

Many people view lube as being something for older women. But that couldn’t be more wrong! Lube is for everyone – gender, age and sexuality don’t even come into the equation. There are lots of different lubes available including water, oil, and silicone-based, and it’s important that you use the lube that is right for you.

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Enhance pleasure

Another advantage of using lubricants is that they can also enhance pleasure, especially if you are struggling with dryness, which isn’t uncommon.

Have safer sex

Many people don’t realize that lube can also make sex safer by reducing friction, preventing injury, and helping to keep condoms on (water-based lube is safe to use with any kind of condom, but oil-based lubes shouldn't be used with latex condoms as it can damage the condom and make it break).

Benefits of water-based lube

Water-based lubricants are known to be kinder to the body as they are more natural, contain fewer chemicals and can help to minimize discomfort.  They are also less messy, so you don’t have to worry about them staining your sheets.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin, water-based lubes are usually free from artificial ingredients. They tend not to dry out while you’re using them, perfect if you love longer sessions.

If you use water-based lube, you will also discover that they are less sticky than other types of lube and some even contain ingredients that can help to moisturize your vagina.

How to enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse with lube

Give lube a try and you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. Trust us, if you want to enhance sexual pleasure during intercourse, lube will become your new best friend!

With lots of different textures and sensations available, you’re sure to find one that will take your bedroom activities to exciting new heights.

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Here’s how to enhance pleasure during sex with lube:


Lube makes sex far more exciting, as it gives you the flexibility to experiment and have fun, without having to worry about friction, tearing or dryness. And, when you feel more comfortable, you’re more likely to let yourself go and really enjoy the moment.

Use as much lube as you like

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to how much lube you should be using, so use what works for you and your partner.

Please yourself

Lube can also enhance self-pleasure. Allowing you to masturbate nerve-rich areas such as the vulva, clitoris, and vagina, lube can pave the way for a deeper level of pleasure that will entice the most mind-blowing orgasms. Enjoy!