What will my packaging look like when it's delivered?

To ensure discretion and privacy, your order will be shipped in a plain box or envelope and marked only with our return address 


Are the AH! YES® containers and packaging recyclable?

We aim to respect the environment by minimizing waste and using post consumer (reclaimed) waste and recycled materials wherever possible.

All our packaging can be 100% recycled, but due to the nature of our products we have to use some virgin packaging.

Our bottles are made of polyethylene, one of the most widely recycled plastics.

Our cartons, boxes, packing materials and inserts are all 100% recyclable. 


Who are 3L Trading?

Credit Card transactions will show a payment to SP AH! YES®


Do you offer free shipping?

We do, orders over $40 qualify for free shipping - but also watch out for our flash free shipping weekends!