Women in field thinking about her intimate health

Are you Paying Attention to Your Intimate Health?

Why is your intimate health important?

If our skin’s a little dry, chances are we’ll seek out a moisturizer. If acne appears, we’ll find a blemish buster. When it comes to skin care, we’re very good at paying attention to our face. But how much attention do we give to our intimate areas? Possibly not so much… Whether you or your other half is experiencing vaginal dryness, you want a little extra to freshen up, or you’re simply looking to add some more excitement in the bedroom, AH! YES has a solution for everyone.

AH! YES natural intimate health products

For freshening up… AH! YES CLEANSE Intimate Foam Wash

AH! YES CLEANSE is a luxurious, sensitively formulated feminine wash for use on the external vulval and perineal area. It respects the delicate vulval ecology with a refreshing and effective cleansing action. This foaming wash has been designed to complement the pH balance of the intimate area, washing away odour-causing bacteria without causing irritation. Available in two varieties – Unfragranced or Rose (fragranced with organic Rosa Damascena).

For tackling vaginal dryness discreetly… AH! YES VM Vaginal Moisturizer

AH! YES VM is an estrogen-free, long-lasting, natural, vaginal moisturizing gel. Designed for daily use, AH! YES VM helps to replenish vaginal moisture and alleviates irritation, itching and burning. This water-based formula is hypoallergenic and pH balanced to the vagina to help protect against bacterial and yeast infections. Available in a 3.4 fl oz (100ml) tube or packs of 6 or 30 0.17 fl oz (5ml) single-use applicators.

For a silky smooth glide… AH! YES WB Water-based Lubricant

AH! YES WB is a water-based personal lubricant. This silky gel is non-sticky, discreet, odor-free and taste-free and feels just like natural lubrication. It is formulated to hydrate dry tissues to enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity. AH! YES WB is also hypoallergenic and matched to the pH of the vagina to help protect against bacterial and yeast infections. This lubricant can be used with condoms. Available in a 1.7 fl oz (50ml), 3.4 fl oz (100ml) and 5.1 fl oz (150ml) tube, plus packs of 6 or 30 0.17 fl oz (5ml) single-use applicators.

For long-lasting lubrication… AH! YES OB Plant-oil Based Lubricant

AH! YES OB is a luxurious plant-oil based lubricant. Soothing and richly emollient, this formula provides long-lasting lubrication making it perfect for prolonged lovemaking, whilst acting as an intense hypoallergenic moisturizer to nourish delicate intimate tissues. AH! YES OB is not condom compatible. Available in a 1.4 fl oz (40ml), 2.7 fl oz (80ml) and 4.7 fl oz (140ml) tube.

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