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National Orgasm Day: Types of female orgasm

It’s National Orgasm Day: Learn about the types of female orgasms

This National Orgasm Day, we want to take a look at the different types of female orgasms.

When is National Orgasm Day?

National Orgasm Day is celebrated on 31st July every year, in the US, UK and Australia.

What is National Orgasm Day?

The day celebrates the orgasm while raising awareness for issues surrounding sexual climax.

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Types of female orgasm

Many people don’t realize that there are several types of female orgasm or rather, different ways of evoking the sensation. In fact, according to some researchers, the female body is capable of 11 different types of orgasm [1].

Here are some of the types of female orgasm that have been reported:

Clitoral orgasm

This is the most common type of orgasm. The clitoris’ sole purpose is to provide sexual pleasure and most women report that clitoral stimulation is an integral aspect of their orgasm experience [2].

For women who can orgasm through penetration, stimulating the clitoris may improve the strength of the orgasm, while for those who are unable to orgasm from penetration alone, clitoral stimulation might be the only way an orgasm is possible [3].

G-spot orgasm

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, between the cervix and the vaginal opening. This type of orgasm can be experienced by rubbing, pressing, or stimulating the spot.

Women often report that a G-spot orgasm feels different to a clitoral one, with sensations of bearing down or pushing from the pelvic floor muscles, rather than the tingling effect usually resulting from clitoral stimulation[4].

Nipple orgasm

The nipples are filled with lots of nerve endings and ultra-sensitive skin, making them incredibly sensitive.

Some women can orgasm just by having their nipples stimulated. In a study of 213 women, 19% reported having had a breast-based orgasm at some point in their lives[5].

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Anal orgasm

Anal sex isn’t for everyone. However, it is the only way to experience an anal orgasm.

The anus and rectum are located close to the vagina and clitoris, connected by the perineum. As a result, they share many of the same muscles and nerves, including the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is typically sensitive and stimulating it can result in vaginal and anal orgasms [6].

Blended orgasm

Blended orgasms combine multiple types of stimulation. For example, by stimulating the nipples and clitoris simultaneously, or the clitoris and the G-spot [7]. Technically two, simultaneous orgasms, a blended orgasm usually results in a more intense, full-body response [8].

C-spot orgasm

You’ve heard of the G-spot orgasm, but what about the C-spot orgasm? The C-spot is the cervix [9] and the orgasm is reached by stimulating the nerve endings located around the cervix and the uterus.

This type of orgasm is achieved with deep vaginal penetration and the stimulation of the endocervix [10].


Did you know you can have an orgasm just from physical activity? A study by Indiana University found that 370 out of 530 [11] women surveyed had experienced orgasm or sexual pleasure while working out. This is most common with core-based exercises.

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