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Sexual Female Empowerment for International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day: Sexual Female Empowerment

Empowerment comes in many forms but it all centers around an individual having power over something. For women, it looks like promoting their self-worth, determining their own choices and the right to influence social change, not just for themselves but for everyone. Sexual empowerment is no different – women taking charge of their bodies and sexual desires.

Today is International Women’s Day which celebrates the achievements of women around the world and encourages everyone to break down barriers. But is it still relevant in today’s world?

Here we look at what female sexual empowerment is and how International Women’s Day fits in with today’s society.

What is female sexual empowerment?

Sexual empowerment has many definitions, depending on who you ask! But simply put, female sexual empowerment is when a woman feels able to express her desires and express herself sexually, alone and with others. It centers around embracing your sexuality, having a healthy relationship with your body and sexual self as well as accepting and sharing your sexual desires with yourself and your partner.

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For many, it’s a life-long work-in-progress, sexual empowerment isn’t something that happens overnight! Here are some simple ways to start your journey to sexual empowerment:

  • Try to feel comfortable in your own skin by looking after your physical health, both by eating healthily and getting active
  • Communicate with your partner on your sexual health and sexual needs. Don’t hesitate to speak up and share what’s really important to you
  • If you’ve never explored self-pleasure, now is the time to do it. Getting to know yourself sexually is often the key to great sex with others, and you’ll be pleased that you tried it
  • Feel comfortable carrying and using condoms on your own terms, without feeling pressured in the time of need.

How to promote sexual empowerment for women

One of the best ways to promote sexual female empowerment is to talk about it! Giving women a voice and a platform to talk about and own their experiences is a great way to give other people the confidence to claim back their voice and power. This doesn’t just apply to women either. It’s important to invite partners and friends into the conversation too. Not only does this keep the discussion alive, but it also helps others feel empowered.

Another way to sexually empower women is to empower women in their everyday life. So many of us have felt prevented from achieving what we want, been discriminated against or treated as an object. This has to stop! We all have a role in accomplishing women’s equality and empowerment, in supporting others in their pursuits and in promoting women in the workplace and in life. Once a woman feels empowered, she can then start to become sexually empowered, giving her back her control.

Why is International Woman’s Day still important today?

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women, and anyone who identifies with that term, around the world. Many women get forgotten or are underappreciated for their amazing contributions, decisions and accomplishments, and this still happens in 2022. International Women’s Day also acknowledges that true gender equality doesn’t yet exist in any country.

The 2022 theme is #BreakTheBias, bringing a true gender-equal world into reality, removing stereotypes, bias and discrimination in every part of life. This includes enabling women to feel empowered in their lives, and sexually.

By breaking the bias and giving women back control of their bodies and sexuality, we can all feel more confident in asserting our physical and mental rights in everyday life. Sexual empowerment can help catapult every woman into happiness.

Sexual empowerment vs sexual objectification

Sexual empowerment relates to seeing someone as a whole person, with them embracing their sexuality as part of themselves – having ownership of their body and feelings. On the other hand, sexual objectification is seeing someone as an object, just for their body and sexual attributes and not the other wonderful personality traits which makes them truly individual.

Both of these terms focus on power, and who has it. Empowerment gives the individual the power, objectification sadly gives that power to someone else. So if you’re ever in doubt, ask yourself, who has the power in this situation?

There is a fine line between the two and remember, it’s better to feel empowered than to be considered an object. An empowered you is you in control, confident and comfortable with yourself and the situation.

Female sexual empowerment is a journey and one’s self-pleasure is just one of those steps to regaining control and power of your body. Remember, whether you’re new or experienced in this department, lube is essential if you want to get the most out of the experience! Explore our range of lubes here and get in touch if you have any questions.