Which lubricant should I use?

Which lubricant should I use?

“Which lubricant should I use?” is a question that customers new to AH! YES frequently ask. The answer is that the benefits of each product really depend on the individual’s needs. In this article we’ve recommended the best AH! YES lubricants for each of these common uses.

 Which lubricant should I use for pleasure?

Our range of certified organic lubricants includes AH! YES WB, our water based lubricant, and AH! YES OB, our plant-oil based lubricant. So what’s the difference?

AH! YES WB is a luxuriously silky gel formulated to match the vaginal pH. Designed for discretion, AH! YES WB is non-sticky, odour-free and taste-free so it feels just like natural lubrication. Aloe vera makes this lubricant intensely hydrating, whilst locust bean gum gives WB its slippery texture to create a sublime glide during sex!

AH! YES OB is plant-oil based, formulated with sunflower seed oil, shea butter and cocoa seed butter to create a rich and soothing, moisturising lubricant. The high percentage of natural plant oils within AH! YES OB means that this lubricant is longer-lasting in comparison to WB once applied, which makes it ideal for prolonged lovemaking. (Top tip: Try layering WB with OB and ‘do the Double Glide’ by layering WB on top of OB to create a nourishing, longer-lasting glide)

…with toys?

Most AH! YES products are compatible with all toys: metal, wooden, plastic, glass and even silicone ones because our water-based products do not contain silicone or mineral oils. AH! YES OB is the exception as it contains natural plant-oil and should not be used with latex rubber; instead opt for AH! YES WB.

…using a condom?

We recommend AH! YES WB as the safest lube for use with condoms, it is compatible with natural rubber, latex and polyisoprene condoms. AH! YES OB is NOT condom compatible as plant-oils can erode the material (especially latex) which can compromise the material integrity of the condom.

 …for prolonged lovemaking?

AH! YES OB is plant-oil based which makes it longer lasting than water-based lubricants such as AH! YES WB. The rich organic butters and fine emollient oils allow AH! YES OB to act as a barrier on top of the cells of the vaginal wall, reducing friction during intercourse and allowing the lubricant to adhere to the delicate mucosa membranes within the vagina. This makes it a very robust lubricant. In comparison, AH! YES WB is slowly absorbed into the skin which is what makes it so hydrating!

…for water play?

The organic shea and cocoa butters within AH! YES OB make it perfect to use in the shower or bath as they act as a barrier to water. Rather than washing the lubricant off instantly, the water simply slides off of it.

 …as a massage oil?

Did you know that AH! YES OB doubles as a lubricant and a massage oil? The rich, natural oils make the lubricant an exceptional skin conditioner and the velvety texture feels fantastic when smoothed onto the body. Best of all the cream lubricant melts to an oil when warmed.

woman being massaged with natural plant oil based lube