How do I apply AH! YES products?

We are all different and have differing needs, so we prefer not to be prescriptive about the how to apply AH! YES products or how much to apply.

AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant is a rich, healing emollient that has a thick consistency at room temperature and a lovely smooth liquid consistency at body temperature. AH! YES OB is made from skin nourishing butters and oils and is a long-lasting intimate lubricant as well as a great massage oil. Apply the lubricant with your fingers.

AH! YES WB water-based lubricant is a gel that becomes less thick and more liquid as it is used. Rub a little between your fingers and you will see how it liquefies. For use as a personal lubricant, AH! YES WB can be applied before and/or during lovemaking. Privately, before lovemaking, women can put it on, in and around the vulva and vagina, using fingers to insert the lubricant well into the vagina, as well as for applying it to the labia. Applying lubricant during lovemaking can also become part of the intimate experience, enjoyed by both partners.

If you are in any doubt about how much to use, go for more not less, as water-based lubricants are not known for lasting a long time (that’s one of the reasons why we make AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant).

AH! YES WB does not contain glycerine. Glycerine makes lubricants feel sticky and can dry tissues too. So using lots of AH! YES WB will not leave you feeling sticky.

Use about 0.17fl oz (a teaspoonful). Put it on where the dryness occurs. Depending on the severity of your dryness you may need to use the product more frequently. AH! YES WB is very soothing and helps to calm sore, itchy tissues.

Please note that AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant is NOT compatible with condoms, as all oils (natural or synthetic) damage latex.

The purity of all AH! YES products means there are no ingredients that have concerns attached to them, they are hypoallergenic and they have no known side effects. We advise that you use AH! YES products liberally for best effect.


Where can I apply AH! YES?

The versatile AH! YES range includes products that are ideal for lovemaking, play, body glide, and massage and suitable for vaginal, anal and oral use.

AH! YES WB water-based and AH! YES OB plant-oil based intimate lubricants can be applied to the penis and the vaginal area, to enhance pleasure and assist penetration.

Remember – it is important to lubricate the vulva as well as the vagina.

To maximize comfort and reduce friction, please apply generously.

AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant has the added advantage of being a luxurious massage oil, and can be applied for all-over body glide, as well as for intimate massage.

AH! YES WB and AH! YES OB can be safely applied to other parts of the body, during play or massage, as they nurture the skin, leaving it sleek and soft with no unpleasant residue or stickiness.

AH! YES WB and AH! YES OB are safe if swallowed, as they are made from pure food-quality ingredients, making them suitable for oral use.

AH! YES VM vaginal moisturizer is designed for vaginal use to address dryness, and it is also suitable as a lubricant.

The AH! YES products in tubes are for finger application, while the pre-filled applicators enable a deeper delivery without the product coming into direct contact with the hands.


How should I store AH! YES products?

Various factors can shorten the life of any product, such as extreme temperatures (leaving it on a sunny window sill) or introducing bacteria or fungi when removing the lid/cap.

As AH! YES products are made from natural ingredients, they are more sensitive to harsh conditions than their synthetic chemical cousins (actually more distant than cousins). Do not leave them on a sunny window sill or anywhere below 5 degrees C, keep them at room temperature, don’t expose to freezing or boiling conditions, and keep the lid on when you are not using them. They are not overly sensitive, so you don’t have to turn out the light – although they do like a little candlelight!


Why does AH! YES OB sometimes have a granular texture?

If your AH! YES OB plant-oil based lubricant has an undesired granular texture, be reassured that the product is perfectly safe to use. What you are experiencing is normal and is a result of using exclusively natural raw materials. One of the ingredients, Shea butter, can crystallize when it is warmed above body temperature and cooled slowly.

AH! YES OB is designed to melt at body temperature. In the tube it is a thick paste that becomes a liquid lubricant when needed. However if it is cooled slowly the Shea butter can form grainy crystals. If you rub/warm the grainy crystals you will see that they melt in your hand.

You can rectify this texture at home. Simply place your tube in a ziplock bag (make sure the cap is secure and squeeze all the air out of the bag before sealing it) then place the tube, in it;s bag into a bowl of very warm water, hot to the touch but not boiling. Once the lubricant is completely melted to liquid, shake the tube to mix it up and pop it in the fridge to cool quickly.