Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjögren’s Syndrome (pronounced SHOW-grins) is an autoimmune disorder. Your immune system mistakenly attacks the moisture-producing glands throughout your body, including in the vagina. It can result in uncomfortable vaginal dryness and pain, particularly when having sexual intercourse.

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Causes & symptoms of Sjogren’s Syndrome


The causes of Sjögren’s Syndrome are not fully understood, but it may be linked to genetics, or to a change in the levels of the hormone estrogen, as the condition is more common in women aged 40–60.


Sjögren’s Syndrome can affect any part of the body that produces fluids, such as tears and saliva and vaginal lubrication. Symptoms include dryness of the eyes, mouth, skin and vagina, skin rashes, muscle and joint pain, swelling and stiffness, tiredness and swollen salivary glands between the jaw and ear.


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About AH! YES VM

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