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Published October 2014

Customer T(Y)estimonial

This is from Carole, who emailed her story to us.

I need to order some more of your products but just thought I would tell you a little story for your testimonials page if you would like.

I had a total hysterectomy in 1991 and was on HRT for 10/12 years which worked extremely well. Due to the changed guidelines I was taken off it. What a come down! Vaginal dryness, atrophy, painful penetrative sex. My husband had difficulties maintaining an erection, but we coped reasonably when I was on HRT. Now his problems increased as no matter what toys or lubricants we used, the pain and hurt for both of us just increasingly got worse. He began to dread hurting me. I then visited the doctors who prescribed Orthogynest vaginal oestrogen cream. Helpful but messy due to the amount supposed to be used twice weekly. This stopped the vaginal bleeds I experienced but didn’t help penetrative sex. I then started to experience more and more cystitis after making love, so regular antibiotics had to be used. The Doctor said to ensure that I used the oestrogen cream which would help form a barrier, but it wasn’t sufficient for intercourse, even thoughI was fanatical about cleanliness in that area.

Finally I searched the web for alternative help and stumbled upon your website. I thought I would try the oil and water based lubricants. I am so pleased I did. I use the oestrogen cream every two or three days after a shower, but only half an inch of cream on the end of my finger which I apply around the entrance to the vagina and rub in the rest around the lips and clitoris. When we make love now, which is more often, we have the most enjoyable experience in 12 years. My husband is not on edge in case he hurts me, nor do I experience the tightness or dryness I once did. I have not, since using “Yes” had a recurrence of cystitis or dread the experience. Sex is back to being spontaneous and enjoyable.

Thank you so much for developing the product it has brought back our intimacy. We have been married 45 years my husband is 69 and I am 65. Our love life is revived.

Not an easy e-mail to write but if any of this helps others I will be happy to have helped someone else’s nightmare


From Carole, UK on 29th September 2014


Thank you Carole for sharing your experiences


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