Everything you need to know about sex toys!

Everything you need to know about sex toys!

Sex toys are upping the ante in bedrooms all over the states – and beyond. They’re the perfect way to enhance your pleasure (be it solo or with a partner), explore your body, and give your confidence a big ol’ boost. 

But whether you’ve got a stash that would put Lelo and Lovehoney to shame, or you’re gearing up to buy your first everfirst-ever sex toy, it’s worth knowing how to get the absolute best out of them once your journey is underway. 

To help you on your way, we’re going to walk you through: 

  1. Using sex toys for beginners 
  2. Using sex toys with a partner 
  3. Choosing the right sex toy for you 
  4. Using lube with your sex toy (and which to avoid) 

Let’s dive right in!

Sex toys for beginners 

We’re just going to come out and say it: the sex toy market can be hella confusing! You’ve got clitoral stimulators, dildos, bullets, vibrators, wands, rabbits, roses, love eggs, anal toys, cock rings, prostate massagers, and more. Plus a whole heap of colourscolors, shapes, sizes, and settings to choose from! 

So where on earth do you start?  

  • Small. Try out non-intimidating toys if you’re just getting started (like bullet vibrators, finger vibrators, or small dildos). 
  • Opt for toys made from body-safe materials to avoid irritation (such as silicone or medical-grade plastics). 
  • Enhance sensation and ease insertion with a quality lube – but be careful to avoid silicone-based lubes with silicone-based toys, as it can cause them to degrade. 
  • Experiment with different sensations and speeds to understand what feels good for you. 
  • Try not to pile on the pressure; even if you don’t orgasm first time, you’re learning what you like. 

Using sex toys with a partner 

If you’re both comfortable with the idea, using sex toys with a partner can increase intimacy, heighten pleasure, and really deepen your connection. Sex toys are a great way to explore what each of you enjoy and can make it easier to communicate (and demonstrate) what gets you hot under the collar. 

If you’re not sure how to approach it, try: 

  • Discussing your fantasies, boundaries, and preferences before using toys. 
  • Experimenting with different positions and techniques. 
  • Treating it as an opportunity to explore each other's bodies creatively and spontaneously.   

Remember: if your partner isn’t comfortable, talk things through, take it slow, and always respect one another’s boundaries.  

How to choose a sex toy

How do you know which sex toy is worth your money? Because they ain’t cheap! The best place to start is by figuring out how you’re going to use it (alone or with a partner), where you’re going to use it (on your travels or in the comfort of your own home), and what you really want from a sex toy. 

Here are our tops tips for making that all-important choice: 

  • Look for toys that cater to the type of stimulation you enjoy – whether that’s vaginal, clitoral, or anal. 
  • Read plenty of reputable reviews and recommendations so you have a good idea of what’s hot, and what’s definitely not. 
  • To really up the ante, go for sex toys with multiple settings to suit different moods and preferences. 
  • Invest in high-quality toys, as these will always be best for durability, safety, and satisfaction (even if they’re not the cheapest). 

Using lube with your sex toys 

As we mentioned above, silicone-based lubricants can interact with silicone sex toys and cause them to degenerate over time. This actually makes the surface of your sex toy more porous, which makes it harder to clean and increases your risk of infection.  

Here's the lube lowdown: 

  • Always go for a lube that’s compatible with sex toys. Our nourishing coconut-oil natural lubricant AH! YES® COCO is great for use with sex toys as the plant-based oils won’t cause any damage. The same goes for our pH-matched water based lubricant AH! YES® WB, and our soothing plant oil natural lubricant AH! YES® OB
  • To make insertion more comfortable and to enhance stimulation, you should always use a generous amount of lube and reapply as often as necessary. 
  • Opt for natural or organic lubes to avoid irritation or discomfort. All AH! YES® lubricants are certified organic and designed to be side-effect free. 

Cleaning your sex toys

It’s incredibly important to use gentle, pH-matched products on your intimate areas, and your sex toys are no different. If they’re going to be coming into contact with your vulva, vagina or anus, we recommend a pH-balanced wash like AH! YES® CLEANSE to avoid disruption to your vaginal microbiome.

Discover the full range of AH! YES® products to see how we’re making vaginas happy (something we certainly have in common with sex toys…)