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Our New Branding: Celebrating 20 Years of AH! YES® & YES®

We are now in our 20th year and we’re more committed than ever to supporting intimate health and sexual pleasure through organic products designed to work in tune with the human body.   


And, as part of our 20th celebrations, we’re also super excited to share our new branding with you! 


Since 2003, we worked incredibly hard to provide ground-breaking intimacy solutions that address the underserved intimate health and well-being sector.  


Today, our mission remains the same - to 'change the world from the inside®' with pure, natural, and certified organic products designed to respect intimate pH, without side effects.  


What we’ve achieved since 2003 

Over the years, AH! YES® and YES® have gone from strength to strength, providing world-class products that work with women’s bodies to enhance the sexual experience for couples and alleviate uncomfortable and painful vaginal conditions.   


Today AH! YES® and YES® are global brands sold in over 113 countries, with a product range of over 20 products. We can’t quite believe how far YES® has travelled 


We’re proud to champion intimacy products, made with natural ingredients and free from hidden synthetic chemicals, hormones, glycerin and all known mucosal irritants. We pride ourselves on always being transparent about the ingredients we use and the benefits that come hand-in-hand with them. Our proven track record as a trusted expert and leading voice within the intimate well-being and health sector is a testament to this.  


We have worked alongside healthcare professionals around the world to support the intimate health challenges of women, actively seeking to educate and normalize the conversation around vaginal dryness, whether it’s due to breastfeeding, menopause, or medication, or just because that’s what’s normal for your body.   


We work alongside numerous charities, social reform groups, womens health brands and influencers to raise awareness of the intimate issues women can face, from cancer to menopause. And we continue to evolve and develop our product range to meet their needs. 


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What’s new for 2023? 

As we say hello to a brand new year, we have some exciting news to share with you…we have a brand-new logo!  


Our new logo 

Our new logo has been designed to signal a better alignment between our two international brands and we love how it turned out.  


The logo is a more intimate, softer feeling font with the cheeky addition of the droplet, a nod to the hydrating and lubricating aspects of our products.   

 YES and AH! YES new logos 2023

New packaging  

To compliment our new branding, we also have some brand-new packaging. Our new packaging boasts new colors and new easy-to-read wording…and it’ll look great on the shelves too!  


We hope that this will enhance our communication efforts with our customers and make the unboxing experience even better.  


This will be achieved through increased use of color, the inclusion of genuine customer reviews, and an improved, personalized unboxing experience. While this is a welcomed and exciting change, our product values remain the same.  The new look packaging will be rolled out throughout 2023.   


Our commitment  

We are committed to driving our business forward. And, as we do this, we will implement the following ethos to ensure we are always heading in the right direction: 

  • We are committed to producing meaningful content, information and support on intimate health for every stage of life. 
  • We will always keep you up to date with announcements throughout the year about what we are up to, our brand, and our charity collaborations. 
  • We are currently undertaking our biggest study yet on the state of women’s intimate health – publishing our findings in The Happy Vagina Report. We will keep you up to date with all developments.  



YES®, our International sister brand sells in 113 countries, and is leader in intimate health