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Stay Merry and Moist: your Essential Holiday Vaginal Health Guide

The holiday season can get pretty busy. Taking care of your intimate health might not be at the top of your to-do list after all the holiday hustle and bustle—decorating, cooking, and hosting family. But remember, your intimate health and sexual wellbeing don’t take a holiday break!  

If you're dealing with vaginal dryness, irritation, or discomfort, stress and holiday preparations might exacerbate the symptoms. Here are some helpful tips to keep vaginal dryness at bay and maintain intimate health this festive season:

Regift Without Guilt

We know your loved ones mean well, but those heavily scented bath bombs and chemical-packed body washes aren't doing your vagina any favors. Opt for a natural, pH-matched feminine wash for your intimate care. A happy vagina is a balanced vagina! Check out AH! YES® CLEANSE, our ultra-gentle, certified organic option that matches your vagina's pH. 

Ease Up on the Alcohol

While the holiday spirits might be flowing, remember that alcohol can leave you dehydrated – and that includes your vagina. Excessive drinking can also decrease sexual stimulation and lead to discomfort during sex [3]. So, stay hydrated and enjoy your drinks in moderation to help prevent vaginal dryness. 

De-Stress and Take a Breather:

The holidays are supposed to be magical, but we all know they can be a little overwhelming at times. Between the hustle and bustle, financial pressures, and family dynamics, it's easy to feel stressed. Stress can mess with your hormones, affecting vaginal moisture and lubrication. It can also throw off your vaginal pH, making you more susceptible to infections [4]. Take a few moments each day for stress management techniques like mindfulness, meditation, or gentle exercise to support your overall well-being.

Treat Your Taste Buds (and Your Vagina) Right

Your diet plays a role in your overall health, including your vaginal health. Too much sugar can sometimes lead to vaginal dryness and uncomfortable sex [1]. Plus, it can mess with the beneficial bacteria in your body, potentially causing yeast infections. So, remember to keep your diet balanced, even when holiday sweets are calling your name!

Prioritize Foreplay and Relaxation

If vaginal dryness during sex is a concern, use the cozy festive nights to your advantage. Vaginal moisture is linked to arousal so try spending some extra time on foreplay and relaxation to get in the mood. Consider trying toys, mutual masturbation, or massage to enhance your intimate moments, and don’t skip the lube! AH! YES® WB water-based, AH! YES® OB plant oil-based, and AH! YES® COCO coconut-oil-based lubricants are excellent choices if you’re looking for organic options that respect and nurture your intimate health.

Stick to Your Intimate Health Routine

Keeping your vagina happy and well-lubricated might sound like a task, but it's worth it. Simple steps like using a daily vaginal moisturizer and natural lubricant during sex can make a world of difference. If you already have a routine that works for you, don't skip it during the holidays. We even offer discreet applicators for our vaginal moisturizer and lubricants, making it easy to carry them in your handbag for on-the-go comfort. 

Remember, your intimate health is important, even when the holiday madness is in full swing. So, stay warm, stay hydrated, and keep your intimate well-being a top priority this Christmas season! 


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